Playing in the world you designed!

Today’s agenda: Skin (& maybe Sound)

3 Games:


Skin Creation:

  • Go to:
  • Drag outside of the avatar to rotate perspective
  • Use Pencil Tool to modify individual blocks
  • Single click on each block to color, double click on block to color whole area
  • Try changing the position it is standing
  • Download to computer once done
  • Then upload to your Minecraft profile online
  • Useful tutorial:


Sound Modification:

For sounds that aren’t music

  • Open the Retrocraft resource pack
  • Understand what kind of sounds go where
  • To modify existing music file
    • Open Calm1.ogg with Audacity
    • Click on the track and play with the effects
    • Save as the original name, and replace the original file
    • Properly zip the resource pack
    • Put it into Minecraft!
  • Placing found music in Minecraft
    • Go to
    • Pick and choose what sound you like
    • Register at the site
    • Download the sound
    • Open it with Audacity
    • Export it as “calm1.ogg”, or which ever Minecraft sound you wanted
    • Properly zip the resource pack
    • Put it into Minecraft!

For music sounds