Video game cross-over! Texture modifications

Today’s agenda:

  • Review & Introduction
    • What is critique? Why do we critique?
    • What are textures?
    • Why are Minecraft textures designed this way?
    • How would you change the Minecraft textures if you could?
  • Compare & Contrast
    • Walk through the “Zedecraft Autumn” and “High on Sugar” Minecraft resource packs
    • List the different adjectives that suits the two different worlds
    • Discuss the reasons why you prefer certain world
  • The Video Game Cross-over Project
    • Pick a video game/cartoon [X] that isn’t Minecraft as your theme
    • Go to Google images, and search for visual imagery of X
    • Come up with adjectives to describe the visual characteristics of X
      [What colors appears the most? What logos represent X? What objects/symbols are important?]
    • Pick three characters/objects in Minecraft, and consider how you might modify their textures to make it X themed
      [To pick what you want to modify, go the Default Resource Pack > assets > minecraft > textures ]
    • Photoshop tutorial
      • Go over these  on an unmodified texture pack
        • Experiment with colors
          • Hue, saturation, and brightness
          • Replace color/ Paint bucket tool
          • Gradient tool
        • Experiment with collage
          • Selection tool
          • Corp tool
  •  Implementation
    • Properly zip the modified resource pack
    • Place the modified resource pack into the resource pack folder
    • Open Minecraft and select that resource pack
    • Bingo!