Week 2: What is a mod?

  1. What is a mod anyway?
    • Modification examples beyond Minecraft!
      • Why do people mod?
    • Type of mods for Minecraft
      • Maps
      • Language mod
      • Texture mod
      • Sound mod
      • Skin mod
      • Functional mod
    • How does Minecraft change with these mods?
  2. Maps
    • Five nights at Freddy’s
    • KPRS (texture display)
  3. Textures (Resource Pack)
    • Classic Zelda
    • NephCOlaboratorie
    • Tron
      • Compare it the the default resource pack and find what changed!
  4. Your turn to mod!
    • What do you want to see changed in Minecraft textures to make Minecraft a better game? Come up with an idea to improve Minecraft upon
    • Create a map that displays all of the blocks you want to change



Minecraft Maps http://www.minecraftmaps.com/

Minecraft Resource Packs http://resourcepack.net/

Crafting Guide http://www.minecraft-crafting.net/

Skins http://www.minecraftskins.com/